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Big Rigging on the Open Roads

This week I decided to take a break for a couple days. I took a break from work, a break from my house, kids and fur babies. I decided to move into my hubby’s big rig with him for a couple days and hit the road to see what his life is like during the week when he is forced to be away from all of us. We got home from the lake Sunday afternoon and proceeded to get ready for our adventure on the open road. It was a mad rush of packing food and clothes, delivering our dogs to grandmas for their own adventure and finishing up paperwork and any other necessary tasks so that we could take this time away together. All while considering my struggles with pain, insomnia and anxiety. To say that this man has a huge heart is an understatement. He assisted me with making sure that I would have everything I would possibly need to be comfortable all while invading his own routine and living space. It was weird for me to have our roles so reversed. When we are at home, I am generally the one who makes sure that everyone is fed, comfy and happy. In his little abode he was the one asking if I needed anything, If I was too hot or cold, had enough room, etc., etc. I know that he also made more stops than he generally would just to make sure I didn’t have to pee on the side of the road, which even with my shitty joints I am perfectly capable of doing it just takes me a touch longer to get back to standing then it used to.

I was concerned that I may not be able to handle the trip, that I would get too sore from sitting in the passenger seat all day, or wouldn’t be able to get comfortable at night and keep us up with my tossing and turning. I really wanted this road trip to be a success as maybe if it all worked or I would be able to do it occasionally so that I don’t have to miss this amazing man so much, and he doesn’t have to be alone quite so much. Well, it wasn’t perfect but I would have to say it was a success. I may have not been that great of company on our late-night trek towards home as I did doze off a number of times but it was so nice to spend the extra time together before getting back into the routine of school and kid’s activities.

I was really glad that I had decided to get a massage the day before our road trip as my back had been particularly stiff and sore recently. My massage therapists’ magic hands allowed the muscle spasms to relax long enough for me to enjoy the journey. I realized after this trip that I would definitely not make a very good long haul truck driver as my bladder is too small and I tire a bit too easily for the long hours driving. Also there has to be a way to make that bunk just a little roomier for two. LOL. There are a few things that I may do differently next time around but all in all I enjoyed myself and I think my hubby enjoyed having a passenger to help pass the time.

It was all in all a great experience and I was able to see some beautiful Alberta and Saskatchewan countryside along the way. As a fibromyalgia warrior I know that I will always struggle to a certain degree but I continue to enjoy the things that I am able to and will always devote all that I can to my amazing little family. They are what keeps me going and staying positive!

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